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Extended warranties

Just remember that no warranty will cover damage from vandalism, abuse, improper or lack of maintenance, dirt, electrical problems, or acts of God.

Owner-occupied single family dwellings only, including condos and townhomes. (No commercial or multi-family apartments).

Must register product within 90 days of purchase to qualify. Product registration must be received by ICP within 90 days after homeowner purchase to receive the additional 6th (or 8th) through 10th year parts promotional limited warranty.


Coverage under this promotional warranty is limited to the original purchaser only and is non transferable. If the original purchaser is not making the clain, only the standard 5 year (or 7 year, depending on model) parts warranty will apply.

Go to www.Comfortmaker.com for product warranty certificates and registration.

The following groups are NOT included:
• Coils
• Oil furnaces, oil boiler products
• Thermostats or controls
• IAQ products
• Mini-split systems
• Accessories

Maximum strength warranties
for homeowners.

Every Comfortmaker® home comfort product is backed the way it’s built—to be the best. How do you know for sure? Warranty coverage. When it comes to such a major investment, there’s no better gauge of quality. Maximum strength warranties from Comfortmaker Air Conditioning
& Heating give you exceptional protection and complete assurance that you’ll have lasting satisfaction with your Comfortmaker product.

No Hassle Replacement™
limited warranty.

Comfortmaker Air Conditioning & Heating offers a one-time equivalent unit replacement if the compressor, outdoor coil or heat exchanger on a qualifying unit should fail during the No Hassle period. The No Hassle Replacement™ limited warranty varies in length of coverage— up to 10 years to the original purchaser. Your heating and air conditioning dealer will recommend the best product options for your home and installation requirements. As the product features and efficiencies get better, so does the No Hassle Replacement limited warranty, in order to give you the maximum protection for your heating and cooling system.

Key component warranty.

In addition to the parts and No Hassle
Replacement limited warranties, Comfortmaker Air
Conditioning & Heating backs the heat exchanger
with limited warranties that last up to a lifetime.
Comfortmaker mainline R410A product compressors
come with a 10 year limited warranty.

Parts warranty.

Comfortmaker gas and oil furnaces, and R410A
based air conditioners, heat pumps, coils and small
package products, carry a ten (10) year limited
warranty on functional parts to original homeowner
when installed in an owner-occupied single-family
residence and properly registered within 90 days
after original installation. (See Warranty Certificate
for registration instructions. Registration not
required in all jurisdictions.) Otherwise, the
warranty period is five (5) years from the date of
installation. R22 based products are covered by a
five (5) year limited warranty on parts.

If you’re thinking that Comfortmaker warranties
must be among the best in the industry, you’re
right, because Comfortmaker Air Conditioning &
Heating believes in standing behind our products.

HELP® provides peace of mind.

HELP® is a factory-supported extended service
agreement providing you increased coverage
options. You can take comfort knowing that, in
the event a covered component fails, HELP
covers parts & labor for the term of the contract:
2 year, 5 year or 10 year program options—with
no deductible! Ask your Comfortmaker dealer for
the HELP plan that gives you ultimate protection
from unexpected expenses.

The charts in this brochure are a handy comparison to show the coverage based on your choice of qualified product. Some restrictions apply. To learn more about all of these limited warranties, go to Comfortmaker.com and look for “Warranty Information” on the menu and reference the Warranty Certificates. LIMITED ™ 10Action required.
Please see warranty certificate for details.


split systems

small package product

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